Juniper Sadhana

Plant Sadhanas are a form of devotional practice we have developed over the last 4 years of working with our apprenticeship groups. These are dedicated practice periods that bring us into deeper relationship with a chosen medicinal plant. 

For our Winter Solstice journey, we are inviting those hearing the call to deepen their relationship with Juniper,  one of the sacred herbs of the Druids. When approached with proper intention, Juniper can enhance our natural capacity for working with various methods of  divination to remain in close relationship with the living universe within and around us.

For our Winter Solstice celebration, we share a traditional divination practice that if engaged in the days following the solstice, will provide useful oracular guidance for the year ahead. 

This course includes: 

• 1 recorded session- an opening circle at the beginning of the sadhana where we explain the practice and how to work with Juniper to enhance the practices shared.

• 2 PDF worksheets to support you in the home study portion of the sadhana 

• 1 recorded closing session at the end of the sadhana to compare notes with others in this group

• A discussion area for asking questions, interacting with fellow journeyers across time, and receiving feedback from your facilitator

• Lifetime access to this ever growing library of solstice and Juniper related information. That's right! This means that by registering now you can join in any future live circles that we might hold on this topic free of charge! 



For poet seers, wise wyrdos, and truth speakers who feel, see, hear and “just know”,  we have created this journey to guide you in working with Juniper in conjunction with specific Yule Oracle practices  to open the third eye, our psychic center. Instructions shared during the live online ritual will help to  bring us divine instructions for the year ahead. The practices  are  traditionally begun on the Winter Solstice and continued  for the next 12 days. 

Course curriculum

    1. Preparations

    2. What is a Plant Sadhana?

    3. Agreements

    1. Improving Dream Recall (Pre-Recorded)

    1. A Brief History & Safety Considerations

    2. Yule Oracle Intuitive Research Guide (Please Print Before First Live Session)

    3. Creating Your Altar: A Seasonal Mindfulness Practice

    4. Winter Solstice Divination Circle & Activation (Recording)

    5. Juniper Sadhana Charting/ Tracking Pages (Discussed in Second Half of Live Ritual- Please Print)

    6. Discussions Area

    7. Reading The Prism (Please Print Before the Second Live Session)

    8. Closing Circle: Sharing the Fruits of Our Practice (Recording )

    9. Closing the Portal

About this course

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  • 13 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

What Folks are Saying About Plant Sadhanas

“ I sometimes have difficulty making time for practice and have found this community to be sweetly affirming of the particular kind of self care I need- thank you!  Sometimes I am unable to make the live sessions and have found that even when I miss the live circle, carving out space to watch the recording has become a kind of private new moon or full moon or menstruation ritual, the next best thing to having a coven of my own, better sometimes, I think, because I can be shy!” 

~Jen, Patron on Patreon since 2019

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