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A NON-DUAL PATHway to responsible, creative, liberated embodiment

We walk in such a way that acknowledges that we are and have always been journeying with plants alongside us as master teachers, friends, and guides to personal, community, and planetary healing. One of our main intentions for gathering is to explore the ways that our relationships with our green family can help us to remember who we are and how to live from a deeper, more authentic place. We were not meant to do this alone! When we look to cultures of the past who lived a village way of life, and wonder how they navigated the complex social dynamics of intimate communal living, we often forget the equally complex cosmologies and palpable connection to spirit guidance that were regularly engaged through seasonal ceremonies. Superficial inquiry into these cultures often minimizes or discounts the pivotal role that plant medicine played in shaping the identity, best practices, flavors and textures of any intact culture. We may look to the past for guidance while ultimately acknowledging that we live very different lives than our ancestors, and are charged with the enormous task of composting all manner of outdated belief systems, healing and resetting our nervous systems, and creating a new and ancient culture of compassion and stewardship.  We can not do this without the guidance of our wise plant elders. To this end, each gathering will include a seasonally themed plant medicine ceremony . Although we deeply honor all teacher plants, we have noticed that when we say "medicine" here on the west coast, many people assume we are speaking about Ayahuasca, which although deeply respected, is not aligned with our vision for sustainability, so will not be included in our program.  

Apprentices will receive an introduction or refresher course in the fundamentals of the Wise Woman Tradition of Herbal Medicine through our unique lens that cross-references our training in The Wise Woman Tradition with our study of classical Tantra in the Shakta, Kaula, and Sri Vidya Lineages. Through our intentional juxtaposition of teachers, together we explore the correlations between western folk herbalism, elemental magic, and the more shamanic aspects of the Tantric Traditions. We will work with both intuitive and lineage based practices that prepare the body to receive, contain, and responsibly share increasingly potent magic as a path of service, arriving at a deep understanding of both the rigors and blessings of walking a non-dual path.

communication and relationship skill share

community + Communication = communion

How we do one thing is how we do everything. How we treat ourselves is how we treat other people, and how we treat other people is mirrored in our relationships with plants, ancestors, and all our relations. The journey of healing or deepening our relationship with plant family and connection to the spirit world requires a sober assessment of our current relationship and communication skill set and our level of satisfaction in all our relations. It begins with healing our relationship with ourselves, and working intimately with our emotions, thoughts, judgements and projections. Self love and self acceptance are prerequisites for being capable of remaining healthy in our relationships with others. In this aspect of the curriculum, we commit to working with the principles of Non-Violent Communication (NVC) to cultivate an environment where we can come to terms with and begin or continue to shift away from the rampant assumptions and severe judgement addiction that are normalized in our culture and take full responsibility for the power of our words, both to heal and to harm.

We also explore boundaries in depth and believe that developing or re-establishing flexible healthy boundaries is the difference between the relating as a Maiden versus relating as a Mother or Crone within the Triple Goddess Archetype. (Maiden/ Mother/ Crone )We remain a child in some regard until we have deeply quested an in depth understanding of our needs and boundaries. We walk as a woman when we have developed the strength of character to respect our own known needs and boundaries and take responsibility for educating others as to how to engage with us by role modeling respectful loving behavior towards ourselves. Our year long program aims to provide many facilitated and supported opportunities to take our relationship with ourselves to the next level and watch ourselves, our lives, and all our relationships transform before our very eyes. 


Our Curriculum Includes:

• Goddess studies, where we will explore the contemporary relevance of Goddess energy, teaching stories, and iconography as timeless, timely maps to the trans-personal nature of the women's initiatory process.

• Illness as Ally. Childbirth, illness, and death are all times when our illusions of linear time break down and we are offered initiation into the intimacy of non linear reality. These are often confusing experiences for those offered entrance into these other ways of knowing, made less frightening when we remember how to access the always timely guidance encoded into the great wisdom lineages of earth.  

• Honoring of non-linear ways of seeing and being. From the chakras to the medicine wheel to the pagan wheel of the year, real time is understood as a circle and a spiral and all the worlds living traditions find their unique identity through their study of sacred wheels as maps to embracing and participating with the truth of our cyclical existence.

• Introduction to elemental and seasonal Magic

•Blood mysteries, Intuitive Movement, Solar and Lunar Magic

• Preventative medicine through working daily with nourishing, toning herbs

•  An introduction to medicine making including botany, plant identification, and ethical wild-crafting

•Multidimensional friendship and partnership with plants through plant spirit medicine

• Traditional nutrition, intestinal integrity and the gut/ brain connection, including support for those wishing to enter into a complete gut healing protocol and engage their food as healing medicine. Our program provides opportunity for apprentices to map the connection between their diet and their mental, emotional, and sexual health. Together we experience first hand the deep pleasure of nutrient dense foods.

“ Thank you for this anchor in the cosmic universe!"

by Cecilia Aeon

I remember writing that this would change the story of my whole bloodline. I don’t think I fully comprehended what that meant or entailed at the time, and I am just beginning to skim the top of understanding now. I do know this: my future ancestors will be something else entirely with the knowledge and understanding of the earth and how to work with and honor her that I now carry, mil gracías Yayita.

meet your facilitators & guides

It truly does take a village! Although the instructions for this altar, or the recipe for this medicine, was originally received ( and continually adjusted) by Yaya Erin as part of her own creative work and ongoing Wise Woman initiations, the medicine you will experience during our time together has been and will be  co-created by many hands, including your own!

As an earth magic initiation journey, we practice at the intersections where our ancestral lineages share core beliefs and practices about the care and stewardship of our bodies as extensions of our planetary earth mother.

Click below to read more about some of the elder, auntie and sister guides you will meet and share sacred circle with on this journey.

Caremen Vicente

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