Escuela del Río Cósmico is a Homestead, Podcast, Seasonal Ceremonial Micro-Village & Library of Earth Magic established in 2020 by Active Culture Family. Located in the Cuyumaca region of the Cleveland National Forest in Southern California, Río Cósmico is a place where elder and emerging folk medicine practitioners, earth tenders, and other wisdom keepers can exchange multidimensional tools, and support one another on the Green Road to responsible, creative, liberated embodiment.


Yaya Erin Rivera

Creative Director

Yaya Erin Rivera is a Folk Medicine Practitioner specializing in sacred plant medicines for creativity, communication, right relationship and liberation. Best known through her work as Active Culture Family, Yaya walks a path of stewardship and service to Gaia through her rolls as a mother, artist, counselor, and steward of Rio Cosmico, a unique 4 season homestead nestled in the Cleveland National Forest of southern California. Of primarily Taino and Irish descent, Yaya was raised on a 100 acre tree farm in rural Connecticut, where she was taught from a young age the importance of living in harmony and reciprocity with the natural world. Yaya Erin is the host of the Río Cósmico Podcast, the facilitator of our Seasonal Support Circles for members, and the host of the Medicine Mandala Apprenticeship.

Amber Voner

Creative Consultant & Equity Advocate

Lux Sterling

Web Admin & Ceremony Support

My name is Lux, and I am a multiethnic, non-binary, queer earthling with Norwegian-American and Nigerian-American ancestry. I was born, raised and currently live on Ute, Arapaho and Cheyenne territory in Denver, Colorado. I am an Integrative Healthcare student, psychedelic sitter and guide. I am dedicated to self exploration, growth and helping to create safe spaces for others to have expansive and healing experiences inside of themselves.

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