Mugwort Sadhana

Mugwort is sometimes called the witches herb, because they are so beloved to witches and wise women everywhere across time. They are also considered one of the sacred herbs of the druids, because they are a plant that can help open our senses, allowing us to perceive more of what’s happening in the natural world, and as such can teach us about all the other plants in our environment.  Join us in a 7 day inner space clearing journey, and group magical exploration into the unique spirit medicine of Mugwort.

Course includes discussion area for asking questions and interacting with fellow journeyers.

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Course curriculum

(Please note that you will need to gather or purchase your own Mugwort for this course. If you do not currently have a source, links to purchase online are provided within the course.)

    1. Getting Started & Preparation

    2. What is a Plant Sadhana?

    3. Agreements

    4. Safety Considerations

    5. Why is Mugwort Called Mugwort?

    6. Humans & Mugwort, A Condensed Timeline (Video)

    7. Intuitive Research Guide (Please Print Before First Live Session)

    8. Mugwort Spirit Bath Instructions (PDF)

    9. Opening Circle & Activation ( Video)

    10. Mugwort Dreaming

    11. Reading The Prism (Please Print Before the Second Live Session)

    12. Live Closing Circle: Celebration and Integration (Meets at 11 am pt on 7/19 )

    13. Closing the Portal

About this course

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  • 13 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

What Folks are Saying About Plant Sadhanas

“ I sometimes have difficulty making time for practice and have found this community to be sweetly affirming of the particular kind of self care I need- thank you!  Sometimes I am unable to make the live sessions and have found that even when I miss the live circle, carving out space to watch the recording has become a kind of private new moon or full moon or menstruation ritual, the next best thing to having a coven of my own, better sometimes, I think, because I can be shy!” 

~Jen, Patron on Patreon since 2019

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Seasonal Offering

Our Mugwort Sadhana is one of our most popular seasonal offerings!  It is currently held when the Mugwort is flourishing and in their prime here at Rio Cosmico. To make sure to learn when our next Plant Sadhana Self Initiation Journey & Study Group  opens, click here to sign up for our newsletter.

Seasonal Offering

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