Arzu Mountain Spirit

Arzu Mountain Spirit is a traditional healer, writer, life coach, teacher, and presenter of talks and workshops on Garifuna spirituality, healing methods, and medicinal plants. The Ancestral healing methods she shares were transmitted to her through her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.

In the effort to preserve and protect the treasures of her ancestors, she founded the Wagiya Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of our Garifuna healing and spiritual traditions. 

Arzu currently lives in Belize where she maintains a traditional healing practice, and facilitates Mountain Spirit Wellness Retreats. 

Arzu joins us as guest  facilitator for our Medicine Mandala Folk Medicine Apprenticeship, where she introduces our group to a traditional Caribbean medicinal plant that we can work with for clearing,  opening  and blessing our vessels as we embark on our initiation journey together. 

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