A 4-week online course

Join Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman in this potent ancestral journey as she guides you to deepen the connection with your own healthy ancestors and receive their guidance through a series of pre-recorded video lessons. You will learn the history of dreaming cultures and receive dreaming practices to use to connect and communicate with your ancestors for communion, guidance, and more.


Students will receive the following from this course:

  • 8 Pre-Recorded Video Lessons

  • 5 Printable PDF Worksheets

  • An additional resources section with suggestions for ways to continue to explore the vast world of conscious dreaming.

  • The ability to ask questions related to the coursework and receive answers and connect at a soul level with a powerful community of like-minded/like-hearted dream weavers through the "Discussions" tab in each lesson.

The Journey

  • 1


    • Introductions and Getting Started
    • Additional Ancestral Exploration
  • 2

    Dreaming With The Ancestors

    • A Brief History of Dreaming (Pre-Recorded)
    • Improving Dream Recall (Pre-Recorded)
    • Dream Interpretation & Ancestral Communication Practice #1 (Pre-Recorded)
    • My Family Tree
    • Ancestral Guidance Ritual Circle (Recorded) & Ancestral Communication Practice #2
    • Dream Interpretation Continued
    • Stalking the Soul through the Dream Realms
    • Additional Resources

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August 1st, 2020

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