It can be hard to speak our truth without blame or shame, to tell the truth of who we are and take responsibility for the consequences. It can be hard to be the one to initiate necessary growth or change in a relationship. It can be hard to know what we want, to take karmic responsibility for our desires, to consider how our needs and choices will effect those we love most, to trust that what’s best for us is what’s best for all, and, when we do this with compassion and empathy, we are standing in our power and our courage ripples outward in our families and our communities. 

Recently we gathered online to share stories and perspectives for those seeking more conscious relationship uncouplings and transitions. (See Organic Transitions Conscious Uncoupling Support Circle)

In this  circle we share  effective tools for doing the important inner work to prepare ourselves to initiate and facilitate these and other kinds of important/ challenging/ evolutionary conversations with the people who matter most to us. 

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