Living the wheel of the year: Lughnasad

Enjoy lifetime access to a growing library of Lughnasad history, practices, live online and recorded skill share circles, guest teachers and more to inspire your solo & community ritual practice.

The Wheel of the Year

Many of our ancestors worked with sacred wheels, sometimes called medicine wheels, to remain in alignment with the natural cycles of life, death and re-birth.

Within these wheels we have embedded teachings and practices that preserve these non-linear ways of knowing for future generations. Within the sacred wheel we experience time as a circle and a spiral. Portals open to allow for communication with our ancestors and other spirit guides, and the spirit of the land on which we live. Our Irish Celtic Ancestors called their sacred wheel The Wheel of the Year.  We invite you to join us as we Remember, Reclaim, Reweave, and Rejoice in these ancient ways of seeing and being. 

About Lughnasad

Lughnasad is the third of four "cross quarter" holy earth celebrations, with the quarters being the solstices and equinoxes.  The cross quarters represent liminal transitions that prepare us to meet with the unique joys and challenges of each season of our lives with a greater sense of connection and trust in the divine play unfolding before us, in which we each play a unique and vital role. 

Traditionally, Lughnasad was a multi-day community wide gathering in celebration of the opening of  the harvest season and a celebration of the first fruits of our labors.

Our Gathering

By enrolling in Living the Wheel of the Year: Lughnasad, you gain instant lifetime access to a unique multidimensional medicine bundle, containing an ever growing library of Lughnasad history, practices, live online and recorded skill share circles, discussions and more to inspire your solo & community earth based ritual practice. Our 2022 celebration includes online Lughnasad festivities open to all. For an additional donation, an in person women's gathering will also be held on Friday August 5th. (More Details Below)


The Lughnasad Medicine Bundle Includes a Combination of Live Online and Self Paced Elements Designed to Enrich Your Ritual Practice

    1. Introduction: What is Lughnasad? (Video)

    2. History and Ritual Preparation Suggestions (PDF)

    3. Materials to Gather

    1. Access Live Lughnasad Breathwork with Guest Facilitator Jordan Catherine Pagan (8/7/2022)

    2. Lughnasad Breathwork Ritual Playlist

    1. Personal Wheel of The Year ( PDF worksheet, instructions given in recorded workshop)

    2. Altar Making Instruction & Seasonal Activation (A Video Recording of a live online talk from 2021)

    3. Dance Your Magic ( Elemental Embodiment Playlist-High Quality Audio File )

    4. Elemental Embodiment Movement Ritual (Video Recording)

    5. Original Gut Health Friendly Ritual Treats Recipe ( PDF)

    6. Feedback Form

About this course

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Sunday, August 7th at 10 am pacific time

Blessing our tools... Our body is the ultimate healing tool and any time we can spend intentional time in it, feeling and honoring it, we can show up more fully and more empowered in all areas of life. And to bless is to confer energy. In this circle we will be working with energies known as qi, the breath and reiki, infusing them into our bodies and fields. Breathwork is an acceleration of the healing process through an exploration and practice of the breath. Breathwork is an easy, two-part breath technique and active guided meditation that stills the mind and opens the door to the many other levels of our being. As oxygen floods the body the wise, emotional, and intuitive parts of our being rise to the surface. This allows the release of old programs, patterns and stuck energies (like anger, grief, fear, etc) -- or anything else that may be holding us back. The breath allows us to reach deeper states of consciousness and shift our vibration on all levels. During this session you will be held in love, support, energy healing set to a cosmic, uniquely-curated soundtrack. It's a dynamic experience full of surprises and expansion!


Jordan Catherine Pagán Deer Heart Ix Mazatl Ol-Si of Ostara Apothecary

Jordan Catherine Pagán is the healer and medicine maker of Ostara Apothecary, based on Lenape land in Brooklyn, NY. Bestowed with the medicine name of Deer Heart Ix Mazatl Ol-si by her teacher Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman, Jordan creates plant and stone medicine to heal on multidimensional levels. Her work draws upon her Yaqui and Puerto Rican heritage and connection with the natural world. She is also a Reiki Master, a 13th Octave LaHoChi Master, and also practices Pranayama Breathwork, Shamanic journeywork and limpiezas, and Tarot as tools for soul transformation. Jordan is also a founding member of the MINKA Mystery School and has taught courses and facilitated healing work for humans all over the world for nearly a decade.

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In Person Women's Gathering

Friday August 5th 2022, 5-10 pm near Descanso, CA

For an additional donation, an in person women's gathering will be help on Friday August 5th at 5 pm near Descanso California. This is a small space that primarily aims to serve the local community. And! Distance sisters who are up for an adventure are welcome to travel to sit in this circle. Space is limited.  If interested, click here to register now. If full, you can email us at to be placed on the waiting list to be notified of last minute cancellations. Please remember that our Patrons and newsletter subscribers hear about our limited enrollment in-person events first. Click here to explore becoming a supporting member on Patreon, and click here to sign up to receive our newsletter. 

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