Growing up, evolving, and changing can be challenging, especially as we navigate what personal growth means for our existing relationships. As we become more aware, we see how our relationships are embedded within interconnected webs of care and support, and that sudden or reactive moves can injure both ourselves, our families and our communities. More and more, we are choosing to see whether or not it may be possible and healthy to transition our relationships rather than breaking them. 

Oddly, this way of being and relating that feels so adult, respectful and natural to many of us is often met with fear and judgement from well meaning family, friends, and even therapist. This is why we are creating this circle- to inspire and support others traversing some of the less common pathways of the heart. 

We do have the power to create loving, conscious, organic transitions in our relationships.

If you are currently uncoupling, desiring to be of support to loved ones who are uncoupling, or just uncoupling curious, this circle is for you. Together we explore new tools and perspectives, and gain empathy and compassion for ourselves and others and the delicate inner work we do when we choose to stay as present, loving, and open hearted as possible for the disentangling of a close intimate relationship.

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