Rose Sadhana

Summer Plant Spirit Medicine Study Group

Rose has been called the "The Queen of the Flowers" for her beauty, healing powers, and connection to women’s mysteries. Relaxing and soothing, rose is considered a supreme women’s health ally that helps regulate our hormones naturally, provide relief from stress and anxiety, and more.

Join us in an intuitive exploration and communion with Rose taking place over 3 sessions. Together we will deepen our relationship to the unique spirit medicine of Rose, while growing our capacity for self relating and self regulation.

This course includes lifetime access to the materials, recordings of the live sessions, and a discussion area for asking questions and interacting with fellow journeyers.

Included in this sadhana:

Homemade Rio Cosmico Mountain Rose Tincture Shipped to Your Door. *US Shipping Only

Carry potent spirit medicine in the palm of your hand to help you to tune in with Rose Spirit Medicine while participating in this sadhana. Your registration includes a .5 ounce pocket sized herbal prayer in support of your experiential learning. INGREDIENTS: Tincture of Cuyamaca Mountain Rose petals and rose hips extracted in brandy, Ornamental Plum flower essence, & a touch of local honey. * International Rose sisterhood please use the discount code internationalrose at check out to participate without product at a reduced rate. For US residents signing up on the late side, it is possible to begin the sadhana before your package arrives. Instructions for this option are provided inside the course, and in more detail within the first live session. The next shipment will go out on Wednesday September 8th at 12 noon, to be worked with and enjoyed as a continuation of the practices learned in the sadhana.

Course curriculum

    1. Getting Started & Preparation (Please Read Immediately)

    2. Mailing Address Form (Please Read and Fill Out Immediately)

    3. What is a Plant Sadhana?

    4. Agreements

    5. Safety Considerations

    6. Rose Spirit Bath Instructions (PDF)

    7. Rose Sadhana Session 1: Introduction, Invocation & Intuitive Research Practices

    8. Discussions Area

    9. Week 1 Intuitive Research Guide

    10. Reading The Prism Worksheet (Please Print 2 Copies Before the Second Live Session)

    11. Session 2: Mother of God~Exploring Historical and Ancestral Connections Between Rose and The Divine Mother as the Universal Nurturing Principle

    12. Week 3 At Home Research Guide

    13. Session 3: Sharing Our Intuitive & Traditional Research, Celebration and Integration

About this course

  • $90.00
  • 13 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content

What Folks are Saying About Plant Sadhanas

" I have to say I am quite surprised at the visions and dreams that are coming up for me at this time, working with rose. I have been working with rose for the past several months, and I am not sure if it’s the container of the coven, but, it’s like I am experiencing a whole different aspect of rose that I’ve ever experienced. Rose is opening up these doors that have been closed within me, I am more aware of my womb, my blood and how we have the power to create beauty, that beauty is power. Thank you Yaya for being such a phenomenal model for me in embodying truth." ~Shannon

“ I sometimes have difficulty making time for practice and have found this community to be sweetly affirming of the particular kind of self care I need- thank you!  Sometimes I am unable to make the live sessions and have found that even when I miss the live circle, carving out space to watch the recording has become a kind of private new moon or full moon or menstruation ritual, the next best thing to having a coven of my own, better sometimes, I think, because I can be shy!” 


"I have been waiting for opportunities like this one all my life, and slowly, they have been manifesting, each time fulfilling my soul's needs in more precise ways. I grew up and live in a culture where, for the most part, ancestral traditions have not been kept and where there is no space for the sacred. I started looking for, learning about and engaging in sacred practices a few years ago. Without consciously knowing it, I have been longing to reconnect specifically with sacred sexuality, for a very long time. I grew up in a household where sexuality was taboo... Rose is allowing me, and reminding me about the power of sacred sexuality. Thank you."~Bianca

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