MODULE 1: November2020


Activation! We will begin by introducing a specific protocol of herbs, dream yoga, and divination designed to open us more deeply to spirit guidance and the ability to trust our intuition. We will work with these tools for the duration of our program.

MODULE 2: December 2020

 introduction to plant spirit medicine

Applicants accepted to the program will receive a welcome package that contains preparatory practices and reading material to begin harmonizing and aligning around our shared intention of exploring the many different time honored pathways of the plant medicine person. 

MODULE 3: January 2021

community + communication = communion

 Apprentices begin exploring the tools of Non-violent communication.

MODULE 4: February 2021

 introduction to the wise woman tradition

We continue working in the mystery school of the heart, our gateway into the spiral path of the Wise Woman. We then begin our introduction or refresher course in The Wise Woman Tradition of Herbal Medicine, where we will ask each apprentice to step into specific protocols of nourishing and toning herbs that calibrate the body to receive, integrate, and create with increasingly subtle frequencies. We encourage personal responsibility and believe that mothering the mother and radical self care for the caregiver are necessary prerequisites for sharing energy and magic at a professional level in a sustainable way.

MODULE 5: march 2021

 Gaps dieta: the relationship between intestinal integrity and spirit communication

We will introduce the esoteric and practical concepts behind the nutrient dense ancestral foods protocols that we will be inviting our apprentices to work with for the remainder of the program. Click here to learn about the importance of intestinal integrity in creating emotional, physical, and psychological wellbeing. 

MODULE 6: april 2021

  nature spirit communication, creative expression, authenticity and ecstasy

 Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman will be leading us in a Kava Council designed to connect our heart and womb spaces for greater understanding of the unique invitation that being in stewardship of a female vessel represents.  With a focus on the connection between our heart, womb, and throat chakras, the intention of this weekend's explorations is to illuminate the relationship between self expression, authenticity, ecstasy, and our overall embodied experience of health and wholeness..

MODULE 7: may 2021

 womb yoga and yoni shakti

Our bodies are becoming increasingly well tuned instruments and we are now picking up so very much more of what spirit is putting down. Things are getting juicy, the plant world and the earth are alive in a whole new way and we are feeling ourselves to be at one with that beauty and perfection. We are unlearning and remembering, regaining our capacities as wild natural phenomenon. The stage has been set. We will be engaging yoga for the vagina skills designed to help us bring more pleasure, energy and awareness (chi/life force/health) to our creative center. We will then begin through intention and study, to call in different Goddess energies by journeying together through several foundational Hindu & Tantric Texts which will begin to provide cultural context, vocabulary, and recognition of different Goddess energies that surround us and are capable of educating us as to how to live more sustainably, in greater harmony with the energies of the natural world and other beings that surround us.

MODULE 8: june 2021

 DIY gynecology & herbal steaming

Keli Garza of Steamy Chick joins us to share her broad overview of the global roots of Vaginal Steaming, inspiring us to do our own research and revive our own ancestral connection to this effective universal women's health care practice.  

MODULE 9: July 2021

Nature spirits of the tantric traditions

We will explore various applications of Yoni Steaming as an ally in softening into embodied presence. 

MODULE 10: August 2021

 shamanic tracking through plant sadhanas

We will continue to work with our rattles and to explore music as prayer and as medicine. We will work with specific herbs capable of revealing to us us how to stalk/track the healing process, leading to more thorough, effective, and long lasting results in our healing work. 

MODULE 11: September 2021

 Mycellial allies, sacred contracts and the way of council

We will engage a shared Reishi Sadhana that will serve as our entry into the subterranean realm of the Earth Goddess and the healing, integrating wonders of the Fungi Kingdom. This module will begin to map a psychological framework for those who feel called to work with plant medicines to accompany others through journeys into the deeper realms of the psyche for healing of trauma, and will also provide tools for those looking to practice as healers of couples, families, communities, and other groups.

MODULE 12: October 2021

samhain: green witch initiation Weekend

 After a year of exploring our own unique relationship to our green family and human ancestral allies, and uncovering our unique needs and offerings, we create our Medicine Mandala, artfully weaving together each sisters final project into our graduation/ initiation ritual and Samhain celebration. 

Our Cauldron Keepers weave seasonal, local, and medicinal elixirs, teas, and meals throughout that fortify and enhance our experience on every level. Garden time and land reciprocity opportunities will be facilitated by land steward Carrie Lou Arnold. Music and Movement ensure that we are able to stay grounded in our physical bodies, keeping the energies we engage moving through us in such a way that is in alignment with our highest potential and intentions for our time together.

*This program is designed as an incubator- a safer space for women who feel called to deepen their understanding of the subtle mysteries of female embodiment. We recognize that the path of service through devotion to Goddess/Nature is available to all regardless of gender, while also acknowledging that our personal experience, expertise, study, and mastery lies in the specific experience of how energy moves in a female body and the women's initiatory process. We understand that gender identification can sometimes be a complex issue. If you for any reason feel called to participate, but have questions about whether or not this particular container is right for you at this time, please don't hesitate to reach out so that we can have a conversation about your interest in the program and see if it is a good fit!