" I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this community and to be able to sit with you, Yaya, as my teacher. This experience expands and blooms with every visit, I am in constant awe of the amount of detail and care that goes into creating these weekends. I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you for exposing me to the wise and gifted women that join us at Medicine Mandala (Paola, Eve, Adrianna, Golden and of course the beautiful and strong past apprentices and Carrie Lou). I am brought to tears of joy everytime I think back to moments with everyone and my mind and soul can not wait for more." -Amber Vonner (2018)

Nazdira Cuevas (2018)

“ It was beautiful to see the different reflections of spirit in form and to just simply be reminded that we are truly not alone along the journey. I especially enjoyed the fact that we were able to create such intimacy online for and throughout a whole year prior and then come together in person. Meeting in the flesh is a whole other scope of magic I’ve never experienced and never thought that would feel so satisfying…wow, how healing it was to receive int he times that we are in. I feel like this journey filled my basket with so much to continue onward in the steps ahead- mostly a sense of self, a knowing that each of our medicines is so unique and needed, and a depth of trust in the amount of support guiding me in the unseen. I feel held, whole, embodied, and present…Muchas Gracias” ~Kristianna Garcia (2020)

Lunita Velasquez (2017)

" A lesson I will never forget is…the diagram (of the spiral path) you explained in the lesson about shamanic journeying. In so many words the practice always brings me back to center. Thank you for this anchor in the cosmic universe, and thank you for walking me home to this center in this Medicine Mandala journey. Thank you for blessing me with the Medicine Mandala scholarship. I remember writing that this would change the story of my whole bloodline and I don’t think I fully comprehended what that meant or entailed at the time, ( and I am just beginning to skim the top of understanding) but I do know this -my future ancestors will be something else entirely with the knowledge and understanding of the earth and how to work with and honor her that I now carry. Mil gracías Yayita.” -Cecilia Aeon (2020)
"This Medicine is for and from the Earth…to heal and comfort…as a tool of the people” ~Cara 2021

Caroline Arnold (2017)

" During our Medicine Mandala gatherings, I feel similar hope, joy, and freedom that I would glimpse during festivals--Except when our gatherings end, the love and creativity continues to flow and flourish. I realize we’ve been given the tools to connect to higher realms, without any aftershock to the nervous system. I remember that psychedelic experiences can be attained simply through connection to nature, music, movement, and trusted community. The plants can be invited, too, of course, but taking large doses of medicine isn’t the only way to connect to alternate dimensions." ~Courtney Graham (2018)
" The ceremonies and rituals that we experienced during the weekend were incredible. The Samhain ceremony was very transformative for me, and later getting a sign from my ancestors in the yurt was emotional. I felt their love and support, and I was reassured that they are with me and have been waiting for me to become more conscious in this work…-Tiffany White (2018)
" I was surprised to find a comfort in doing ceremonies online, and deeply appreciate the opportunity to revisit our online ceremonial portal and all the valuable priceless practices recorded.” ~ Victoria Azra (2019)
“…I am feeling so grateful to have Medicine Mandala being an anchor of truth and restoration for me right now. I provide that alot for others and to me, it is a self-nurturing space and time so thank you for co-creating this with such love. The whole program is revolutionizing my way to connect to the entire world and cosmos. I am not saying this lightly or exaggerating! I value beauty, sisterhood, stewardship and sacred reciprocity, all values that I find here. I make my own gatherings and workshops with so much love and affection and it feels just so good when others do the same for me. THANK YOU! It is a deep honor to be here. Truly. I feel like I am participating in something that is a training in being present, in being self aware, in taking things slow, all things I have wanted, all things I have prayed for- thank you for being my special dear sisters and teachers. I love you and feel so grateful” ~ Paola De La Concha Zindel (2019)